About Us

Our system caters for all golf scoring formats and leaderboard types. Whether you’re hosting a multi-round tournament with multiple teams and different formats each day, or going on golf tour with a few mates, ScoreCapture will make it more exciting and easy admin for all involved.

• Provides a comprehensive member management module;

• Will allow you access to create as many 1 round Club tournaments (with multiple fields) - Corporate Days will require assistance from us (new people in the database etc);

• Easy tournament creation and upload via a csv files into the 4-ball creation screen (from RESPOND NOW RSVP), or an Excel template, extremely easy;

• Allows the organiser to create and allocate teams to players;

• Provides an email and sms service for your members notifications, with filters;

• Allows you to set up as many leaderboards as you wish (including the complex singles, betterball or combined matchplay leaderboard - scratch/off the card/drop to zero) with powerful filters;

• Will present the leaderboards in a number of different ways, depending on whether they are accessed from a PC or mobile device (Facebook and mobile friendly links);

• Presents detailed graphs on the different holes for analysis throughout the tournament, with a highlights ticker (Birdies, Eagles, Nightmares etc);

• Gives 2 ways of entering scores into the system LIVE through any Android or Apple device after downloading the FREE ScoreCapture App or through a Capture Screen on the web (iPad friendly), which can be done every few holes, after 9 and 18, or just at the end of the game

• Calculates and presents a Prize List, with exclusions and various count out options;

• Will build up a detailed profile of each player, who will have access to their personal profile page;

• Scorecard emailing service (Strokeplay, Stableford, Matchplay, or all 3) from the App (to all players in the 4-ball, the Pro and the Club Manager);

• Gives sponsors on the day great exposure through adverts on the leaderboards or on the App.

Additional features can be added throughout the year, depending on your specific needs. Currently we offer an Eclectic Competition and a Joint Leaderboard feature that is excellent for a series of “Major” comps throughout the year. All of these leaderboards will be live and all members will have access to them at any time.

We are constantly developing new exciting tools and if you have any ideas that you believe will add value to your members or your committee, please let us know and we will try build it in to our plans.

Renting the ScoreCapture system heavily discounts the costs for multi round tournaments such as Club Champs. We know that Club Champs is the flagship event for every Club each year and seriously advise that you have ScoreCapture representatives there, with all their equipment and devices on the day to ensure the smooth running of the tournament and the completeness of leaderboards. The members will be treated like professionals and know exactly where they stand after every score is entered.

We are currently developing a separate website for each Society. Your page will be tailor-made to your needs. Each Society home page will have all your live leaderboards, newsfeeds, notifications, society pictures, future tee off times, past results, scorecards and prize lists. These can be linked to your existing website. It will also have your additional features such as the eclectic and joint leaderboards and the yearly hole analysis (say for all the medal days in the year).

Our system makes each tour more exciting and less time-consuming. Different types of formats can be played each day as well as an overall, (individual stableford for example) cumulative leaderboard. Admin is automated and the live leaderboards add excitement throughout the tour. Handicaps are adjustable depending on needs of the players.